Top 10 Activities in Central Park

Central Park is the largest green space in the entire city with 843 acres. You can find some of the most interesting scenery from the magnificent architecture, to quirky sculptures, and wide-open spaces. And the activities you can enjoy in Central Park are as diverse as the city it calls home. Here are ten of the most popular activities you can find in Central Park:

  1. Bird Watching

The Ramble is a woodsy, wild forest area alongside Bethesda Terrance and The Lake and one of the few places where you can truly feel like you are able to escape the city for a while. It is known as being one of the best locations for bird-watching in the entire United States with over 230 different species having been spotted.

  1. Carousel

Pay a visit to the Friedsam Memorial Carousel located mid-park at 64th Street. The antique carousel is on its third incarnation since 1871. The current version was found in a Coney Island trolley terminal and features 52 saddles.

  1. Chess & Checkers

Part of The Children’s District in Central Park includes the Chess and Checker House. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own chess and checkerboards and sit to play for hours. It is why chess and checkers are such a well-known tradition in Central Park. The rows of outdoor tables and chairs make it the ideal place to play.

  1. Concert or Play

The Delacorte Theater is an outdoor amphitheater that plays host to epic concerts and theater performances throughout the year. Most people know it as home to the famous, star-studded Shakespeare in the Park performances during the summer. Tickets are free, but often in high demand.

  1. Conservatory Gardens

Want to explore the charms of a European garden without paying for the plane ticket to Europe? The six-acre Conservatory Garden offers a French, Italian, and English garden to tour. It is the only formal garden in the park and the most impressive around springtime. The walkways feature a plethora of flowers, fountains, and trimmed hedges. And because there are no cyclists or skateboarders, the atmosphere is a little more peaceful.

  1. Fishing

Fishing is allowed in a handful of Central Park’s bodies of water, including The Lake and Harlem Meer. Varieties include Black Crappie, Chain Pickerel, Catfish, and even Bass. That said, all fishing in Central Park is on a “catch and release” basis only.

  1. Horse and Carriage Riding

Looking for a unique and relaxing way to see the sites of Central Park? Book a horse and carriage ride. Most rides around the park last 45 to 50 minutes and is a great way to see all the fountains, bridges, and landmarks of the park. You can even customize rides for special events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and proposals.

  1. Lawn Sports

The large, carefully maintained grassy areas of the park are perfect for a wide variety of lawn sports like croquet and lawn bowling. Just north of Sheep Meadow, you can find two beautifully kept fields designated just for lawn sports that require permits. Otherwise, there is plenty of other grassy areas and you can play any day of the week from 8am until nightfall.

  1. Model Sailboats

At conservatory Water in Central Park, you can rent and race with remote control sailboats. There is no special training required, and all ages are welcome to sail as long as they can handle the remote control. But you don’t need a boat to enjoy the spectacle. On a calm day, you will see all types of sailing masterpieces out on the water.


  1. Zoo

The Central Park Zoo is located near 64th Street and 5th Avenue. There you can find animals from Asia, the Polar Regions, and the California Coast. Highlights often include sea lions, red pandas, snow leopards, and penguins. And don’t miss the charming chimes of the Delacorte Musical Clock.

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Central Park is the largest green space in the entire city with 843 acres. You can find some of the most interesting scenery from the magnificent architecture, to quirky sculptures, and wide-open


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